Some persons claim that they have seen it all, but they keep on getting proved wrong time and again by stories that seem impossible to happen. This story qualifies as one of such as a Belgian man, who is forty-seven years old, was discovered to be getting drunk within 2 months despite not having or drinking a single drop of any kind of alcohol into his body system. Initially, the cause was of this posed a great puzzled to the Belgain man, but eventually, after a series of tests. And examinations were carried out on him, it was discovered that he had what was described as a home brew, that was fermenting in his gut.

At first, the man was placed

At first, the man was placed on a treatment that involved him taking anti-fungal medications, and strictly following a low carb diet, but all to no avail. This made the doctors at the University Hospital Ghent, who were shocked at the issue to carry out more tests, and find out the truth. Their findings showed that the man was continuously getting drunk as a result of alcohol produced in his gut. The name of the man’s condition as given by scientists is auto-brewery syndrome, which is widely referred to as ABS.

The man who got drunk without drinking

Talking about ABS, the microbes in the gut of the individual, are the the ones responsible for the whole process, as they turn the carbohydrates taken in by the person into ethanol. In this case, the individual may be hilarious said to be high on his supply. This resulted in his blood having high amounts of alcohol as well as having a powerful dragon breath. The man once had his driver’s license taken away because of this when he was involved in a random breathalyzer test. Doctors later decided that the next best option was to place the man on a treatment that involved a fecal transplant.

Fecal treatments are the most recent breakthrough treatments, that were recently added to the field of medicine. The treatment involves a donor’s stool finding its way into the patient’s gastrointestinal tract, which is widely referred to as GIT, or the person’s colon, by being administered or passed through a nasal tube that goes down to the patient’s throat. A few other times, the medical personnel will freeze-dry a fecal sample, so that it would be swallowed by the patient. The fecal sample that was used for this man’s treatment was gladly donated by his daughter, who is twenty-two years old.

This seemed to work, as it was described as having a long lasting, and immediate effect on the man. And he was said not to have any kind of signs, and symptoms within the 34 months that he continued with the treatment. The good news is that this brought an end to the man’s predicament. Research has shown that ABS is common to those that have been diagnosed with diseases such as Crohn’s disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. Scientists have attributed ABS to the bacteria in the gut that are termed as good, but have stated that they don’t know its root causes.

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September 22, 2020