Alcohol is a hard beverage but, it has good effects when they are medically prescribed by a doctor. Taking plenty of alcohol can damage your internal body organs like the kidney and the lungs. Students in the universities like drinking alcohol but, a recent research has revealed that they are reducing how they drink it. When you take plenty of alcohol, it makes you loss your consciousness, and you begin to act or behave in badly, this is not good because, the society doesn’t accept them. Some times you loss your respect and dignity.

In this paragraph, we will talk

In this paragraph, we will talk about drinking, mostly, when we say drinking, plenty of people think we are talking about alcohol. The word drinking can be used to denote any liquid substance which is sent to the body either through sipping or without a straw. When you are drinking coffee, and any other normal beverage, it is acceptable, but, some substances can cause harm to the body even though they are registered, accepted, and regulated by the international food and drugs authority. Not only food materials like tea or porridge can be drunk, some drugs are given orally by drinking them.

Information on Drinking Alcohol

This paragraph contains information about on alcohol, alcohol is a chemical which can either be prepared chemically in the laboratory or traditionally or in the industry. Generally, the accepted chemical name for alcohol is ethanol, and is a powerful thing that can cause inflammation because, its ability to catch fire is high. Alcohol is used in the laboratory to test for certain chemicals, this makes ethanol important. Ethanol is lighter than water, so, when it is mixed with water, the water lies down the flask with alcohol lying on its surface. Both liquids have some physical properties being equal, example is their color, both of them are colorless, so, it is mostly difficult to see the difference when it is combined with water.

Before you can separate a mixture of alcohol and water, you have to use distillation. You must use distillation because, even though they are both colorless, their densities are not the same. So, you will boil the mixture, during the boiling process, alcohol will rise first and will be collected in another flask leaving the other liquid in the main or initial container. The reason why alcohol will rise first is because, its boiling point is 78 degree Celsius but the other liquid is 100 degree Celsius, 78 is less than 100, that is why it moves first.