Binge drinkers have a hard time recognizing the pain and feelings of others, this is due to a special study conducted by a university in Sussex recently. In their report, alcohol abuse has been shown to impair some brain functions, especially those related to consciousness. This comes after a long period of failure to show the serious effects of this abuse which is rampant among adults. They have pointed out that those targeted in this special article are those who use binge starting at 60 grams and above. Therefore, in this situation you can see something exciting and not be shocked by not getting feelings of suffering for each other.

In this specialized work supervised by

In this specialized work supervised by psychiatrists, about 71 participants were involved in determining the effects of binge drinking on a person. Half of them were those who did not use any alcohol and the others were heavy drinkers. Through a special modern machine known as FMRI, they were shown a picture of a badly injured leg and asked what they felt after turning their eyes and consciousness. Surprisingly, the binge drinkers seemed to have a hard time figuring out whether the leg was theirs or the other’s. But also, they struggled to identify the pain that accompanies the situation, with many showing indifference or feeling any sadness. This was in contrast to the second group which showed great concern indicating a reaction to what was in front of the screen.

Binge drinkers have a hard time empathize on what others are going through

It took a lot of energy and effort to make sure they got the same feeling as the pain that befell the injured person. These experts have explained that this condition was caused by a weakening of the part of the brain that deals with cognitive issues of what is seen in a person in real sense. After this exercise was completed, binge drinkers were sober for a specified period of time and later returned to the same experiment with different results. This directly shows how these uses affect the functional system in the consciousness.

To find out more about the effects of binge drinking on the empathy system, there is a special issue of Sussex University which will be published in October 2020. This study has caused a great deal of controversy and doubts over the use of alcohol whereby from now on many binge consumers hesitate continuing with this intoxication. No other health effects have been identified in this specific report other than this brain dysfunction.